Keeping It Real: How to Make a Virtual Meeting as Effective as a Face-to-Face

By | Meetings, New ways of working
So. Apart from anything else, who’s over all the urgent upskilling?

This Covid-19 crisis has certainly coerced many of us into a crash course in all things tech. Combined as this is with fraught supermarket excursions and feral children, it hasn’t escaped our notice that there is a lot. To. Process. Right now. So we thought we’d run through a few handy how-to’s as we all navigate this often frustrating – but thankfully temporary – new world.

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Keeping Time: Three Key Methods for Mastering Time Management

By | Work habits
Here’s a thought. When someone begins a sentence with: “When you’ve got a minute…”, does that make you laugh hysterically? Well, we hear you. And with this in mind, we thought we’d take a fresh look at that time-honoured topic of time management. Because although there’s a lot of advice out there, the irony is that no one has the time to sort through it. And who’s to say which technique works best?

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