Purge, plan and prep before Christmas – 5⭐️ tips for proactive planning

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With the best wishes for a merry Christmas and a happy New Year, we send you 5 ⭐️ tips for how to create an overview of your workload and schedule your tasks up to and after Christmas. An investment in time, which is a gift when you return after the Christmas holidays.

Shops and streets are already decorated for Christmas. On the radio they are playing Chris Rhea’s “Driving home for Christmas.” Indeed, the Christmas atmosphere is knocking on the door and a much-needed Christmas holiday is just around the corner. It is a perfect time to think ahead, plan and get an overview of your calendar both before and after Christmas. Therefore, we have collected a few planning tips for you, so you can enjoy a well-deserved vacation.

⭐️ Take future deadlines and ongoing projects into account:
Get an overview of projects to be completed and schedule your calendar taking all of this into account to get the job done. Prioritize your core tasks and do not engage in new projects and/or major assignments to be delivered before Christmas unless you are able to deliver on time. Before going on vacation, it is recommended that you look min. 2 weeks ahead of time to get an overview of projects and tasks that require your focus when you come back from vacation. Be aware of your priorities both at work and at home to achieve work/life balance.

⭐️ Use your time as a motivation to complete tasks, you tend to put off:
Avoid procrastination. Create an overview of tasks you tend to put off to the last minute. Get them resolved or set time off in your calendar to get them resolved. Check also the piles of paper, if any, on your desk. It could be that there are tasks here that should be included in your task list.

⭐️ Prepare an Out of Office reply in Outlook
It is important to prepare an Out of Office response associated with your email and your phone. Modify this response in relation to your availability and let colleagues and customers know who they can contact in your absence. Possibly let a key person know if it is ok to contact you in special cases. Should you expect that some of your tasks are dealt with when you are on vacation then it is important to let your colleagues know of this and make sure that they are not on vacation at the same time as yourself.

⭐️ Pre-Christmas purge
It is a good idea to clean any clutter both hard copies and electronic documents to find out if there is anything you need to do and if so ‘what’ and ‘when’? Is there anything you need to save and if so ‘where’? Or is there anything you can delete or scrap? Decide now, do-it-now and create a task for this in your complete task list.

⭐️ Plan your return after the Christmas holidays
Schedule time in your calendar to catch up on e-mails, get an overview of your tasks and if a colleague has carried out any work for you then find out what the status is? Next, get an overview of your tasks and deadlines including tasks and projects that are time-demanding and require your focus. It is a good idea to block time for catching up the first day after you return to work. You can do this either by blocking the time in the calendar and/or extending your e-mail Out of Office reply.


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