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“Sounds like a cliché, right –
but PEP has been life-changing”

We never get tired of hearing our clients define their experience of our Personal Efficiency Program this way. It’s no wonder that for more than 35 years PEP® has globally been regarded as the definitive method for increasing workplace efficiency, and is currently running in more than 60 countries around the world. The programme maximises the potential of every single one of your employees at every level of your organisation.

The result? Outstanding gains in productivity – in fact more than 4 extra hours of freed time every week. But just as important: increased job satisfaction, a vastly improved work/life balance and lower staff turnover. Ultimately, PEP gives you the freedom to focus. You won’t just gain the time to think about your ambitions. You’ll gain the time to achieve them.

I may have been more motivated than most, as I have been down completely. I am impressed what three days and a few weeks of training has meant to me.

Martin Sandgaard, communication manager, LEGO Company

One size fits all? We don’t think so.

Every company faces different challenges. So we make solutions to order.

For us, “generic” is a dirty word. Our point of difference is the ability to provide relevant and innovative solutions to the particular challenges facing your organisation. Restructuring? Moving offices or renovating your workplace? Downsizing?

We work with your employees at your place of work in a series of highly customised workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions designed to facilitate any process.

The course is based on key principles that allows me to work more efficiently and with a better work-life balance. It delivers win-win situations in my daily work-life.

Peter B. Jacobsen, global medical advisor, Novo Nordisk

Our flexible framework delivers concrete results.

We know your time is a limited commodity. So we make our schedule fit around yours.

Four core modules form the foundation of the PEP process, around which we build a solution that is tailor-made to your specifications. Our unique format is typically implemented with 3-4 weeks between the modules to fully embed your new work habits, but is easily modified according to your requirements. Each module is divided into morning session with group workshops and afternoon sessions with individual one-on-one coaching.

Workable habits

  • Managing the daily flow of information
  • Establishing a complete workload overview
  • Organising documents and knowledge
  • Working with focus and concentration

Better performance

  • Prioritizing to identify the important
  • Clarification and managing tasks
  • Calendarizing and managing time
  • Progressing and executing plans

Stronger teamwork

  • Sharing knowledge and using common tools
  • Communicating and choosing channels
  • Meetings and how to organize and manage
  • Delegating and sharing tasks effectively

Lasting improvements

  • Brush-up of theories and methods
  • Status on implementation of tools
  • Follow-up on joint agreements
  • Retention of working culture

On a personal level PEP has helped me to prioritize and enabled me to work much more efficient than before. I believe I have gained 15-20% more time to focus on the really important things.

Jørgen Vedsted, regional sales manager, MAN Diesel

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