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Power up your efficiency and regain control of your workload with the Personal Efficiency Program. This unique course will show you how you can achieve your most important tasks in less time and with less stress – in fact, we can save you up to four extra hours a week. Whether it’s taking your business to the next level or spending more time with family, PEP will free you to focus on what matters.

Run as two days spaced over 3-4 weeks, this programme features a flexible framework which can be delivered in-house, as a one-on-one coaching programme, or as a public course for up to 12 people. Whatever your requirements, we can customise a solution to suit.

Our open courses are designed for:

Anyone looking to maximise their efficiency, decrease their stress and gain more tan 4 hours per week to focus on high-priority tasks.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Effective management of the day-to-day flow of work and information
  • Workload management and prioritisation
  • Efficient planning
  • Utilizing your e-mail and calendar system effectively
  • Using tips and tricks to improve efficiency
  • Supporting ourselves and our colleagues with effective work habits
  • Learning practical ways to file for easy access
  • Establishment of processes so that important work is neither misplaced nor forgotten
  • Staying on top of it all: tracking tasks and actions
  • Spending time on high-return, value-adding activities
  • Improving your work/life balance

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of PEP you will be able to:

  • Boost your productivity and achieve remarkable results
  • Develop an efficient work organisation
  • Evaluate your personal work habits and implement a “Do It Now” work habit
  • Create an efficient workflow
  • Clarify what is important in your role and act on it
  • Clarify your results as a tool to increase your effectiveness
  • Develop a consistent planning methodology and approach
  • Increase the effectiveness of your interactions with others in the workplace
  • Reduce stress by regaining control of your work
  • Simply achieve more!

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